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2006 4-Week T-Bill Rate Update

After reaching a low of 4.624% on September 28th, the rate of the 4-week T-Bill has rebounded a little bit, with the most recent auction on October 10th resulted in a 4.87% APY. While the rate is still lower than what some popular online savings accounts (such as EmigrantDirect and HSBCDirect) currently offer, buying 4-week […]

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OK, I’m Cancelling My T-Bill Purchase

Yesterday’s auction set the latest yield of 4-week T-Bill at 4.721%, dipped 3 basis points from last week’s rate. After examining recent yield moves, I feel that we would be better of if we shift the cash currently invested in 4-week T-Bills to our savings account at EmigrantDirect, which pays 5.15% APY. I will keep […]

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2006 4-Week T-Bill Rates

After peaking at 5.227% APY on August 8th, the yield of 4-week T-Bill has been on the decline. The auction of last Tuesday set the latest rate at 4.757%.   I have increased my weekly purchase of 4-week T-Bill to $3000 last month, mainly for its higher rate. Though the earnings from T-Bills are exempted […]

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