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Opened E-Trade Global Trading Account

I have been considering an E-Trade Global Trading account for quite some time. I thought it’s a good idea to invest directly into foreign markets, in addition to buying ADRs that are listed on US markets. What held me back is the high cost of trading foreign stocks. However, I still want to try that […]

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Trading Global Stocks Becomes Easy with E-Trade Global Trading

But not with a price, a very high price. Back in February when I first heard that E-Trade is going to introduce a global trading service to allow investors to trade stocks listed in other markets directly, I signed up to receive notification when it becomes available. Yesterday, the email came, announcing that the new […]

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ShareBuilder Account Transfer Completed

The whole process took less time than I expected. An email from ShareBuilder arrived yesterday, informing me that a check has been issue to me. Since I didn’t make any withdraw request myself, it could only be part of the account transfer process. So I logged in to my Zecco free trading account and was […]

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ShareBuilder: Getting Flexible with How to Invest?

One of the problems I have with ShareBuilder, also one of the reasons I decided to leave ShareBuilder, is its lack of flexibility when it comes to choosing when to invest and how to invest. For instance, at the time when I joined the program, I could only select to invest on the first Tuesday […]

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ShareBuilder to Zecco: The Surprises

Just as I was about to abandon the idea of transferring my ShareBuilder account to Zecco* (Zecco asked me to resubmit the account transfer form, which I didn’t do), the process made a dramatic turn yesterday and now it seems that things are pressing ahead as they should be. A trade confirmation email from ShareBuilder […]

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Account Transfer from ShareBuilder to Zecco Update: The Missing Information

To me, things never went well when transferring an account. It took me two months to transfer my Roth IRA from Scottrade to Vanguard last time because of various errors at both Scottrade and Vanguard. Now the same problem is happening again with Zecco. Yesterday, I got an alert from ShareBuilder, saying there’s an important […]

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Who Takes Back Pennies?

When I was in the process of getting a Zecco trading account a couple of weeks ago, it really surprised me when Zecco took back the two small trial deposits from my checking account after the account verification process was completed. The total of 40 cents was nothing, but the action itself speaks more than […]

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Account Transfer from ShareBuilder to Zecco: The Information You Need

Last week I posted an entry on transferring my account at ShareBuilder to Zecco. After the post was published, I got an email from Drew who is interested in some more information about the transfer: I enjoyed your current posts on Zecco and moving from ShareBuilder to Zecco. I currently have a portfolio with ShareBuilder […]

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