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Zecco Removes Stock Trade Account Minimum to Lure More Investors

Now it seems that everything is free at Zecco (except option trading). I was tipped off by Joe yesterday about the change and just got an email from Zecco this morning that now you can open a Zecco trading account with no account minimum. You asked, we listened. In response to popular demand, we’ve lowered […]

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Zecco IS Cheap

No, I am not talking about their commission free trading (check out Zecco new pricing policy for more details on how to get commission free trades). It’s now a quite common practice for financial institutions to use small amount of trial deposits to verify the ownership of bank accounts, if they can’t, or don’t, verify […]

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Zecco Review Plus Free Trading Account Opening Process

Zecco Trading is an online broker that lets you buy stocks/ETFs for less. Well, I eventually opened a Zecco account after mulling the idea of getting commission free trading for a long time. The main attraction was, of course, zero commission trading. Currently, I am paying anywhere from $4 to $7 commission on stock trading. […]

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Zecco Eliminates Paperwork in Account Application

I got an email a couple of days ago from Zecco [Affiliate link] about their new online account application process which eliminates all the paperwork for accounts opened after May 10, 2007. Here’s the section from their FAQs page regarding the e-signature account application: I signed the online application form electronically. Do I need to […]

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Zecco Promotion: Lowers Account Minimum, for now, but Keeps the News like a Secret

Early last week, I learned that Zecco the commission-free online brokerage firm, is running a promotion with lowered account minimum from $2,500 to $1,000. That seems to be a good news for small investors who can’t meet the initial deposit requirement. In fact, the $2,500 minimum is the highest among several brokerages as shown on […]

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Stay Local, Trade Global

Interested in trading stocks listed on London Stock Exchange or Tokyo Stock Exchange, but don’t have an account with them due to regulatory restrictions? So far US investors who want to access global markets can mainly invest through mutual funds offered by the domestic financial industry or individual stocks (ADRs or American Depositary Receipts) listed […]

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Planned Investments: A Review of SogoTrade, ShareBuilder, and MyStockFund

The first planned investment service I have heard of and used was ShareBuilder, which was also the only brokerage other than Scottrade I used back in March 2006. The reasons I decided to open an ShareBuilder account (eventually, I got three of them for both me and my wife) were: Promotion bonuses: I collected a […]

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Discount Broker Reviews 2012: TradeKing, Scottrade, Zecco, OptionsXpress, Options House, Firstrade, E*Trade and ShareBuilder

If you are a Do-It-Yourself investor and want to start to trade stocks or ETFs (exchange traded funds) or even options, you will need to get yourself a brokerage account first, which will allow you to buy equities at a low cost and provides other tools, such as screeners and analysis, to educate you to […]

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