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QQQDirect Account Opening Process

Early last week I learned from that is now offering one commission free purchase of QQQQ, the ETF of NASDAQ-100 tracking stock, every month. After reviewing their website and fee schedule, I opened an account last Wednesday., which offers QQQDirect plan, also supports other two fee-based investment plans: Basic Plan ($5.98 per […]

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Free Trade And Dividend Reinvestment From Zecco

It seems that Zecco not only offers free equity trade for an account with a balance of $2500 or more, but they also have free dividend reinvestment. The following is from Zecco’s FAQ section: Does Zecco Trading allow account holders to automatically reinvest dividends for equities and exchange traded funds? Yes, dividend reinvestment is a […]

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Zecco Free Dividend Reinvestment Confirmed

Recently, Zecco started offering equity free trade for customers with $2,500 or more in their accounts. While this news certainly got my attention considering that I am now paying from $4 to $7 for each stock trade, there was one question that I didn’t find answer from their posts: there’s no mention of dividend reinvestment. […]

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Lost in Transportation

After the phone call, I felt very bad. I really shouldn’t have been cheap. Here’s what happened. Early this month, I filled the paper work to move part of my Roth IRA assets from Scottrade to Vanguard. At the same time, my wife also submitted her application for transferring two Vanguard funds as well. Both […]

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