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Vanguard Now Offers Commission Free Vanguard ETFs

Vanguard, the mutual fund giant, has followed the lead of Charles Schwab and Fidelity to reduce trading cost for its customers and offer commission free trade of its own ETFs. Early this year, both Charles Schwab and Fidelity announced plans to lower equity trade commissions with Fidelity going a little bit further to offer customers […]

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Withdraw Money from Brokerage Account

Early this week, I mentioned in one of my posts that I am in the process of transferring money out of Scottrade account. Since it’s the first time for me to withdraw money, I had to set up checking writing and apply for a Visa check card so I can use them whenever I want […]

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How To Withdraw Money From Scottrade Account

I just realized that I have never taken any money out of my Scottrade account, in nearly 9 years since becoming a customer in 2001. All I did in the past was adding more and more funds into the account and buying more and more stocks. As I mentioned before Scottrade is my primary stock […]

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Trading Stocks on the Go

I don’t trade a lot, but there were occasions in the past when I did want to make a trade, the work environment either prohibited me from trading right away or made it inconvenient to do so. In those cases, it would be nice if I could trade without relying on the internet at work […]

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TradeKing Introduced Strategy Builder Stock Screening Tool

Online discount broker TradeKing recently introduced to its customers a new stock screener, called Strategy Builder, provided by Recognia. If you are already using TradeKing, you can find the new Strategy Builder in your account under Tools. Since Strategy Builder is a stock screening tool, what it does is help investors identify which stocks to […]

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optionsXpress 5 Free Trades for a New IRA Account

Here’s another broker promotion for new IRA account. Online broker optionsXpress is offering 5 commission free trades for a new IRA or rollover IRA account. Eligible IRA accounts include Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, and SEP-IRA. If you open an account with optionsXpress before April 15th, 2010, which is the tax deadline, with at […]

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Open an OptionsHouse IRA Account and Get 100 Commission Free Trades

Though it’s still almost two months away from the 2009 tax deadline, April 15, 2010, brokerage firms and mutual fund companies have already rolled out promotions to lure taxpayers to open IRA accounts with them. Among them, OptionsHouse is offering 100 commission free trades if you open an IRA account, such as Traditional, Roth, SEP, […]

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OptionsXpress Launched Xtend, A Standalone Trading Platform

When I compared broker web-based trading platforms a while ago, I mentioned that most brokers I am using only have web-based trading platforms, except Scottrade, which also offers a standalone, PC-based platform called ScottradeELITE (available for customers with account balance of $25,000 or more). What I like about the separate program is that it’s much, […]

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