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Firstrade Trading Platform Review

Early last week, I took a look at Scottrade trading platform because it’s the broker that I use the most for stock trading (not that I trade a lot). As you know, Scottrade isn’t my only stock broker. In fact, it is one of many brokerage accounts I own. Another *old* account I have is […]

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OptionsHouse Promotion Code for 100 Free Trades

OptionsHouse is one of the discount brokers that I have an account with. I opened the account in June when I found that it charges only $2.95 per stock trade, much less than other brokers I use (Zecco offers free trade, but the requirement is rather high for small investors). However, it disappointed me when […]

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Transfer Fund to Scottrade Brokerage Account Is Easy

The stock is down pretty badly so far today. For some investors,  this is an opportunity to buy stocks at a better price, given that the market was down four out of the six trading sessions. Suppose that you see a stock that you have wanted to buy and today it finally reaches the price […]

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Scottrade Trading Platform Review

Sottrade is a online discount stock broker which offers investors, big and small, a wide range of products and trading tools at a competitive price. One of the online discount stock brokers I use very actively is Scottrade. When I first selected Scottrade as my broker 7 years ago, I didn’t know not much about […]

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This Is Why I Trade with Scottrade

I write about Scottrade quite often here for a couple of reasons: I have most of our investments with Scottrade, including regular brokerage account and IRA accounts; I am happy with their customer service. Usually customer service doesn’t play a big role when I select a bank or a broker (it wasn’t a factor when […]

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Trade Gold and Silver with Zecco

Online discount broker Zecco Trading keeps rolling out new service. Early this year, Zecco introduced Zecco Forex Trading, a platform that allows Zecco customers to trade foreign exchanges. Now you can even buy gold and silver if you are interested in investing in precious metal, right from the Forex platform. Gold has crossed the $1,000/ounce […]

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Zecco Bonus Code for 20 Free Trades

Popular online discount broker Zecco Trading is running a promotion which offers 20 commission free stock trades, a $90 value, to all new brokerage customers! Zecco is one of the brokers which I have an account with and I have written about it quite frequently here (read my first trading experience for more information about the […]

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OptionsHouse Dropped $100 Cash Reserve Requirement for Making a Trade

I am not sure what role, if any, I had in this, but I was just informed by Shannon Paul, the Communications Manager of PEAK6 Online, the parent company of OptionsHouse, that the discount online broker has dropped the $100 cash reserve requirement (that’s different than account minimum, which is $1,000 to open an account) […]

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