What to Invest When You Are Young

It commenced as a decade of promise. America said goodbye to the 90′s with rousement and promise for a new century that gave hope to continued prosperity, advances in technology, and a intensity of our country’s global investments and succeeding role as the economic and military authority of the free world.

Ten years later, America limped out of the 2000′s happy to hinge the page on one of the worst decades in memory. Terrorist attacks in 2001. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. An unstabilized Middle East. Alarmed of nuclear armament from North Korea and Iran. Plus a financial crisis that rocked the markets of the world and plumped us into a deep recession that could take many years to recover.

Bright future

In order to secure America’s financial future each individuals’ finances must be solid and built upon a firm foundation. Building up your own financial security is the right thing to do. The young is all of America’s future. I would strongly advise each young person to take their lives into their own hands. Build like it is going to be a forever thing. Don’t let a set back stop you, just brush yourself off and go again. If you can invest, invest and invest early.

Investment in $1. share plan could pay off in the end. I would choose a discount broker that I trusted and start to buy beaten-down shares. Investing should make me feel good about my future. We all cannot be Bill Gates or Warren Buffett but if you have the chance to listen to either, I would advise you to do so. Warren Buffett has made billions in mispriced securities, known as “value” stocks. Like Unitedhealth Group, Legg Mason Value Trust, shares sell for $22. but are valued at $60.

Todays stock market all rides on so much that you personally don’t have any control over, it is a gamble. Life is a gamble day to day, so invest. There are a few items that hold their value and even grow in value during a market crisises. They are precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and platinum are very good investments. Eight gold ETFs/stocks to watch are GLD, GDX, IAG, GOLD, ABX, GG, TRE, and EGO. If you aren’t much of a spectator then go ahead and invest.

Gold dealers such as Bullion Direct and GovMint sell American gold buffalo, Canadian gold maple, American Gold Eagle coins if you wish to own gold directly. When you buy bars or coins from these dealers, they transfers the bullion right to you. With the ETF’s, on the other hand, you get paper work that the physical gold is deposited in a deposit box under your name.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)┬áhave been really popular in recent years. Everyone on Wall Street is getting into the action, The NewYork Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq, the AMEX, and the Comex. Also the indexers’ Dow Jones and the rating services Standard & Poor’s and Morningstar are in the move. Even giant mutual fund companies such as Vanguard and Charles Schwab see the advantages of EFT’s and are offering new ones rather frequently. Many of the exchanges are offering EFT’s through Rydex, Powershare, Streettracts, and iShare. Check the holdings before investing to make sure the fund meets your investment needs.

Fairness is not in the investment language. Some people’s IRA, 401(k), or dividends just dwindle away, yet others have so much money with little effort. If you really want to invest in stocks, please, take time to learn at least the basics and always go with your gut feeling. Trust your own self when it comes to your money you know best. I think right now would be the time to buy stocks and bonds while their prices are down. Buy low sell high is what I have always heard.

Finally, one way to make your retirement golden with a guaranteed income in any market, is an annuity with an insurance company. Invest your money as the years go by and in the end you’ll have a guaranteed income. Another great investment is invest in yourself, your education, a home, and your deepest desires. I have faith in America’s young they came from a good stock.

Have you started to invest yet?

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  1. Oscar |  Aug 02, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    I really think the quote “If you can invest, invest and invest early” is great. Being in control of your money at an early age will help in the long run, especially once retirement comes. It is always best to invest sooner than later. I also found some other great advice which goes along with investing, and it deals with financial planning and the right ways to go about it. If anyone is interested, take a look at http://www.harry-hat-apple-scam.com/2010/07/22/financial-advisors/. Hope this helps all you young and eager investors!

  2. Laura |  Aug 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Investing while you’re young is such a great idea. Nice article!

    I also really liked this dude’s take on it.