Lastest 4-Week T-Bill Rate at 5.243%, Highest of the Year

The auction of last week's 4-week T-bill set the rate at the highest level of the year. Even without considering the equivalent taxable yield, the rate of 5.243% APR almost matches what GMAC bank has to offer (5.30% APY with $500 initial deposit). 

At 5.243% APR, the annual percentage yield (APY) is 5.37%. Since interestes earned from T-bill are exempted from state taxes, my equivalent taxable APY (EAPY), with 6.37% NJ state tax rate, is 5.74%.

To see what's your EAPY, click here. I also had a post on how to set up repeat purchase at TreasuryDirect and like your TreasuryDirect account with your high-yield savings account, such as HSBCDirect.

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