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Vanguard Cuts Mutual Fund and ETF Fees

If you are using Vanguard mutual funds or ETFs to build your investment portfolio, may it be a retirement account or regular brokerage account, you are going to like this piece of news. Vanguard announced on December 28th that starting December of 2012, the company changed expense ratios (ERs) of a number of funds (so […]

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Personal Capital 401(K) Fee Analyzer Review

Are you concerned about investment costs, such as commissions, mutual fund fees, and any additional administrative fees? The costs to invest are always the No. 1 concern to me. That’s why I always look for stock brokers with the lowest commissions to trade stocks and mutual funds with less 1% fees to invest for the […]

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Vanguard Eliminates Early Redemption Fees

Recently, I wrote about that in general mutual fund management fees have been falling in the past two decades. The management fee, in terms of expense ratio (ER), is the fee that mutual fund companies charge their customers for owning the fund. This is significant because, as I mentioned in the article, management fees are paid by investors […]

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Mutual Funds Are Getting Cheaper

In terms of expense ratio. When it comes to selecting what mutual funds to buy, one of the important factors to consider is how much they will cost you to own the funds. When buying stocks, I would generally want to go with the broker that charges less commission for each trade. The reason is […]

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Morningstar Introduces Analyst Rating for Mutual Funds

One of the earliest articles I wrote about investing in mutual funds was how to understand Morningstar Star Rating system and use it to research mutual funds.  It has been a while since that article was written and I haven’t added any new fund to my taxable investment accounts for years, so I haven’t used […]

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Vanguard Cut Minimum Initial Investments of Some Popular Funds

When I first started to buy mutual funds outside my retirement account 10 years ago, I basically avoided Vanguard funds. It wasn’t that I didn’t know Vanguard funds. I did a lot of research before buying the funds that I chose and I knew very well Vanguard funds, most of them are low-cost index funds, […]

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Personal Return on Investment Calculation

I have been using Quicken to track my investments for many years and feel it’s a quite convenient tool. However, my use of Quicken is just to register all the transactions. I don’t rely on it to, for example, to know how much return I have received from my investments because I found that Quicken […]

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Morningstar Mutual Fund Risk Measures: Alpha, Beta, and R-squared

A large portion of our taxable investments are held in 10 mutual funds (check out my 2010 Year in Review for a list of mutual funds we currently own and asset allocation at the end of 2010). Though it has been a long time since I made any change to our mutual fund investments, I […]

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