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Total Return and Investor Return Explained

Back in last October, Morningstar started to offer a new gauge to measure how average investors fared over a certain period of time when investing in open-end mutual funds or ETFs. The new gauge is called Investor Return, also known as dollar-weighted return, which takes into account the total cash inflows and outflows. Before, Morningstar […]

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Wasatch to Reopen Funds

According to, small-cap specialist Wasatch is to opened several closed funds on January 31st, 2007. If you are looking to add small-cap funds to your portfolio, this may be a chance. However, there are restrictions. Wasatch Fund website says the following three funds will be available to existing investors: Wasatch Small Cap Value Fund […]

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Dollar-Cost Averaging: For Higher Return or for Lower Risk?

In the past couple of days, I did some further study on VFINX after I took a look at the market value and shares owned at the beginning of 2007 if I started investment in January 1988 with four different investment schemes (here’s the previous post). In this study, I use VFINX as a dollar-cost […]

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DODFX — Get in Before It’s too Late

If you are mutual fund investors that focus on value investment, chances are you have heard about Dodge & Cox Funds even if you may not own them. Unlike mutual fund powerhouses such as Vanguard and Fidelity which each offers a full line of funds, Dodge & Cox only operates four funds, Stock Fund (DODGX), […]

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So How Bad is Dollar-Cost Averaging? My Own Study of VFINX from 1988 – 2007

First of all, I am a believer of dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) and have been taking this approach ($100 every month) ever since I started investing in mutual funds. The reasons I do DCA are, 1) conventional wisdom tells me that by spreading the investments throughout the year, I don’t have to guess when is the right […]

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Mutual Funds Year-end Distributions

Here’s a complete list of my mutual fund year-end distributions: Symbol Date Dividend Short-term capital gain Long-term capital gain Total CSVFX 09/20/06 $0.12 $0.13 $2.51 $2.76 OAKBX 12/14/06 $0.5013 $0 $1.3081 $1.8094 TGLDX 12/15/06 $0.217 $1.122 $3.93 $5.269 PRSVX 12/18/06 $0.27 $0.25 $1.16 $1.68 PRNEX 12/18/06 $0.57 $0.34 $1.21 $2.12 TREMX 12/18/06 $0.42 $0 $1.06 […]

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All Good Things Have to Come to an End, Even Bill Miller Can’t Escape

Legg Mason’s Bill Miller, the manager of Legg Mason Value Trust (LMVTX), has beaten S&P 500 for 15 consecutive years since 1991. His winning streak, however, is about to come to an end as LMVTX returns only 6.71% as of yesterday compared to the 16.5% gain of S&P 500. According to a article, the […]

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Active vs. Passive Funds – My Funds vs. Vanguard Funds in Fees and Returns

Early this month, I posted an entry on my mutual fund portfolio. I also mentioned in the post that all the mutual funds I have in the taxable account are actively managed funds.  A reader asked me the question why I chose actively managed funds instead of index funds which, by common sense, have low […]

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