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Mutual Fund Distributions: What are They?

There’s an article in the T. Row Price Investor magazine I received today on mutual fund distributions. If you are a new mutual fund investor or planning to invest into mutual funds, it could used as fundamentals about mutual fund investing. So I summarized and expanded the article a little bit for this post. Ok, […]

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Dogs of the Dow?

On my way to work this morning, I heard Bloomberg radio (yes, I alsmost never dailed any music channel) mentioned a mutual fund that has a 12-month return of 18% (maybe the number I remembered is a little bit off, but it's in that area). The return was great but I think there are plenty […]

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Morningstar Star Rating Review

If you are a mutual fund investor, chances are you have seen Morningstar’s star rating every where, on fund family’s website, on Yahoo! Finance (where you can find a comprehensive list of funds and fund families), even on funds’ ads. Common sense tells us a fund with five stars should outperform a two-star fund, the […]

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Buffalo Small Cap Value Fund (BUFSX): Keep It Or Dump It?

Buffalo Small-Cap Value Fund (BUFSX) has been part of my taxable investment portfolio since the beginning of 2002 when I started to invest in mutual funds. Since then, I have been dollar-cost-averaging $100 into this fund every month and the fund’s returns in the past has been very impressive: 51.2% in 2003 and 28.8% in […]

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Vanguard Wellington Fund Closed To Brokerage Firms

I owned Vanguard Wellington Fund (VWELX) in my IRA account with Scottrade since 2001 and I am very happy with the fund’s performance. The only problem I have is Scottrade. I have both my taxable account and retirement account with Scottrade for more than five years, and they used to be very good: low fee, online […]

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