My Stock Holdings

More than half of our taxable investment assets are in individual stocks. Currently I have 14 stocks/ETFs at four discount brokerage firms plus ComputerShare, the DRIP program provider. Following is a list of stocks I own:

Symbol Value First
%Gain Monthly
BAC $1,014 11/10/06 -3.37 $50*
GRRF $3,544 03/30/06 -12.17 $0
LFC $50,910 12/17/03 273.20 $0
MSFT $6,014 11/10/04 0.72 $0
QQQQ $50 12/07/06 0.62 $50
NT $6,223 01/21/04 -50.59 $0
PGJ $7,848 12/21/04 39.40 $0
PEY $7,562 04/25/06 9.85 $100
PFM $1,169 06/06/06 5.70 $100
PSI $3,528 03/14/06 -5.99 $0
PHO $4,650 03/14/06 6.30 $0
PID $3,796 09/29/05 24.50 $0
PGN $316 11/15/06 5.33 $50*
TSM $14,269 12/13/02 53.18 $0

By far, LFC is my biggest gainer, up more than 270% since I purchased the stock on its IPO day at $25.16 per share. Actually, LFC is also my biggest single holding in all my investments, including mutual funds and stocks, in both taxable accounts and retirement accounts. With a market value of more than $50,000 as of yesterday, LFC accounts for nearly half of the total values and a quarter of all my taxable investments. Despite the huge gain, I have no plan to cash in any time soon as we don’t need the money. The biggest loser is, no surprise, NT, which has lost half of the market value since I purchased half of the shares I currently own in early 2004 at $6.67/share.

I add new shares of BAC, PGN, PEY, and PFM every month. The first two are through DRIP programs at ComputerShare, PEY is at Firstrade, and PFM is at ShareBuilder. The reason I continue to buy these stocks is that they are dividend-paying equities and I’d like to see them generate more passive income in the future. For rest of the holdings, I didn’t make any additional purchase after the initial investment, mainly because I don’t know how long I will hold them, though I no longer make any short-term trading as I used to. Unlike mutual funds, which I plan to use as a supplement to our retirement savings so we can start withdraw with these funds first and let our investments in tax deferred accounts such as IRAs and 401(k) grow as long as possible, these stocks, at least some of them, are short-term investments (though I have own some for several years) and I may sell them if we need cash.

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4 Responses to “My Stock Holdings”

  1. moneymonk |  Dec 15, 2006 at 1:29 pm

    I see you had a big loss in Nortel Networks, I would say sell, but it seems like LFC and TSM would make up for it.

    The power of diversification…gotta love it.

  2. The Sun |  Dec 15, 2006 at 3:28 pm

    I thought about selling NT. The only reason I didn’t is that I don’t have other stocks that I want to buy now. NT has been a pain in the neck for quite a long time for me, and I am not so sure what to do with it. I had hoped the business can be turned around, but that didn’t happen yet.