OptionsHouse Promotion Code for 100 Free Trades

OptionsHouse Promotion Code for 100 Free TradesOptionsHouse is one of the discount brokers that I have an account with.

I opened the account in June when I found that it charges only $2.95 per stock trade, much less than other brokers I use (Zecco offers free trade, but the requirement is rather high for small investors). However, it disappointed me when I found during my first trading experience that the broker required at least $100 be kept in the account to cover commission cost. I even wrote a post to complain about what I saw as a unfair and unnecessary requirement. Later on, OptionsHouse, after hearing similar complains from other investors, decided to remove the $100 minimum requirement, which was a welcome news as it means that every dollar in the account can be used to buy stocks. And at $2.95/trade, the commission is the lowest among other popular online discount brokers such as Scottrade, TradeKing, or Firstrade.

If you are considering open an OptionsHouse account, now there’s a good opportunity for you to do so. The broker is running a promotion for November and December which will give each new customer 100 commission free trades when a new account is opened during the promotion period with a minimum of $3,000. Sure, the account minimum is higher than what it usually requires for a new account at $1,000, but the value of the 100 commission free trades equals $295, so it’s still a very good deal if you have the money to meet the minimum requirement. One more restriction of this promotion is that the free trades have to be used within 60 days. That’s a lot of trades you will have to make in just two months to take the full advantage of the promotion if you are not a heavy trader.

Anyway, if you can use those free trades, or even a portion of it, you must use this link to open an account using promotion code FREE100 and fund your new account with $3,000 within 45 days of account opening in order to receive the bonus free trade. This offer will expire on December 31, 2009.

To learn more about OptionsHouse, check out my previous post on OptionsHouse review and first trading experience for details.

Update: The above reference code has expired. Using one of the following Options House codes to open an account and start to experience the difference at OptinsHouse.

Promotion Description Expiration
Flat $2.95 per Trade Buy stocks/ETFs at $2.95 per trade, regardless whether it’s a market or limit order. N/A
Trade options with OptionsHouse for $9.95
OptionsHouse ranked #1 in Barron’s 2009 Online Broker Survey and it’s named the Best For Options Traders. Open an account and experience the difference. N/A

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