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Is S&P 500 Recent Rally Real?

Last weekend, I shared a video from INO which examined the rally of the Dow Jones Industrial Average occurred in the past couple of weeks and concluded that it was just a temporary bounce in a down market. This week, INO released another educational video for its take on the recent gains of the S&P […]

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Benjamin Graham’s Three Principles of Value Investing

Have you read The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham? These two books are considered as must read for value investing, but they are all pretty heavy books, especially the Security Analysis. If you just want to grab the essentials of the books, thenĀ  there’s on article on Forbes about Graham’s three timeless […]

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A Few Options to Invest in Gold

if you are interested in having the bullion in your portfolio. ETFs This is probably the easiest way to invest in precious metals, gold and silver. There areĀ  some several precious metal ETFs available as I discussed in my previous post. Among them, two are very popular: SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) and iShares Silver Trust […]

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Lending Club Introduces Self-Directed IRA in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Lending Club, the only SEC registered peer-to-peer lending site, today announced the introduction of the first ever self-directed IRA to let lenders save for retirements through P2P lending. The new self-directed IRA accounts are managed by EntrustCAMA, a custodian of both self-directed and real estate IRAs. Currently, Lending Club self-directed IRA plan participants can choose […]

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Load up More Third Avenue Real Estate Value (TAREX)

One of the two funds in my mutual fund portfolio that I don’t buy regularly is Third Avenue Estate Value Fund (TAREX), though I have owned this fund for years (the other one is Tocqueville Gold (TGLDX), but I bought TGLDX more often). When I first bought TAREX, the initial minimum investment was something like […]

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Citi Reverse Stock Split: Is It Good for the Stock?

This is a comment left by nt on my post on Citi stock purchase: I heard that citi group is reverse splitting the shares. Is this good for the investors? Before talking about what a reverse stock split is, here’s a story of one stock I used to own which did a reverse stock split […]

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Is This Rally Real?

Since closing at 6,547.05 on March 9th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained back more than 11% in the past 9 trading sessions to recoup some of the losses. The rally was partly fueled by financial stocks after two of the nation’s three largest banks, Bank of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C), made bullish comments […]

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Should Gold be in Your Investment Portfolio?

I have talked a lot about gold here. The reason is I am a believer that gold should have a place in the portfolio, not exactly for hedging against information but for diversification. Take a look at the performance of the stock market and gold since 2007, for instance. After reaching the all-time high in […]

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