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Stocks I Bought Recently

I mentioned early this month that I bought 600 shares of Citigroup (C) on the day when the stock was traded below $1 for the first time ever. From where the stock is traded now (it closed at $3.08/share on March 18, 2009), it seems that my bet is a good one, even though I […]

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Firstrade Offers $10 Gift Card and Chance to Win a iPod Neno When Joining Its Online Community

Firstrade, one of the popular discount online brokers, is offering incentives to people who join and participate in their newly launched online community, The Investor Network. Details of incentives being offered are as the following: Firstrade is very pleased to announce the launch of a promotion on The Investor Network. We’ll be giving an Apple […]

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China ETFs

The economic crisis around world has put China under the spotlight. The world’s third largest economy, who also holds nearly $2 trillion in foreign exchange reserve, has started to use its nearly $600 stimulus package to revive its economy, building highways and railroads, investing in educations, and improving social welfare. While banks in the U.S. […]

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Free Taxes & Trading E-Book from TradeKing

Did you trade stocks or ETF/mutual funds in 2008? If you did, do you find it’s sometimes confusing about your investment cost basis,  taxes on capital gains, or capital losses carry-over? It wasn’t easy for me at tax time a few years ago when I first started to trade stocks while using pen & paper […]

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How to Spot Trading Signals in Stock Charts

In this INO educational video, Adam Hewison from INO explains how you can spot something that are out of ordinary from your stock charts and turn them into profitable trades. Though the analysis is done with INO Market Club chart, you can easily apply what is taught in this video to any stock chart you […]

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Lending Club Adds Yield to Maturity Data to Notes

I logged in my Lending Club account today to buy a few more note, then I noticed something that’s apparently new in the Note Trading Platform. It’s a new column of data called (click the above screenshot to enlarge). If you are not familiar with Yield to Maturity (YTM), then you can check out the […]

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Bought 600 Shares of Citigroup

Well, I didn’t get it when the stock was traded below $1 a share for the first time ever, I actually got in a little early. I sold 360 shares of HTX that I bought on December 4 last year (made a little profit from the trade) and used (part of) the money to buy […]

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Is the Stock Market Like a Tracking Poll in Politics?

President Obama is definitely trying very hard to boost the nation’s confidence. After his massive economic stimulus plan failed to impress investors about the prospective of a speedy recovery, the President himself  came out today to suggest that stocks at the current level are cheap enough such that “buying stocks is a potentially good deal” […]

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