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Scottrade Mobile App

These days, I find myself using Scottrade Mobile App for Android phones a lot to trade stocks. The main reason is, of course, convenience because sometimes when I am at work, using company computer to trade stocks during work hours isn’t an option.  Not that I trade a lot, but by using the mobile app […]

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Personal Capital 401(K) Fee Analyzer Review

Are you concerned about investment costs, such as commissions, mutual fund fees, and any additional administrative fees? The costs to invest are always the No. 1 concern to me. That’s why I always look for stock brokers with the lowest commissions to trade stocks and mutual funds with less 1% fees to invest for the […]

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Use optionsXpress Virtual Trade to Practice Stock and Options Trading

I opened a brokerage account with optionsXpress, now part of Charles Schwab, a few years ago when they ran a promotion that gave $100 bonus for a new account. Since then I have been running an optionsXpress referral program for people who want to receive some incentives to open an account with the broker (you […]

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Motif Investing Review Plus $150 Bonus for New Account

A few years ago, I wrote a post about building my own portfolio with nothing but ETFs, when Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have started to gain popularity among investors. The idea was that, because of ETF’s popularity, it was entirely possible to pick one ETF in each asset class I wanted to invest in and assemble […]

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TD Ameritrade Promotion: Trade Free for 60 Days, $600 Bonus, Plus More 100 Commission Free ETFs

TD Ameritrade is one of the leading discount brokerage firms that offers investors a wide range of products and services to meet their investment needs. The company is not stranger to me and I have written about it here a few times in the past. However, despite its well-known name, I have never really used […]

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TradeKing Options Playbook Review

When I opened my TradeKing account in 2007,  I also got a book, The Options Playbook, from TradeKing after I expressed interest in options trading. I have bought and sold stocks for several years, but never traded options because I feel that trading options requires a little more skills than buying and selling stocks. Before […]

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Lending Club Loan Portfolio Diversification

As I mentioned earlier in the  asset allocation article, for whatever investment, there’s always a relationship between risk and reward. If I want to have a bigger reward, I will almost certainly have to take a higher risk. When building a investment portfolio, it’s always the case of finding the balance between the two, by taking […]

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USAA Brokerage Promotion: Get 50 Commission Free Trades

I am not a customer of USAA, but I have heard some good things about some of its services, such as its No Fee Checking Account (given how much other big banks are charging these days for their checking accounts, truly free checking is pretty hard to find) and Auto Insurance services quite a few times in […]

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