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Zecco Referral Bonus Sharing Program Reopened

I started my own Zecco referral bonus sharing program back in December 2007 when Zecco relaunched its Zecco Friend program. At the beginning, it was actually pretty good. I sent new customers to Zecco and got a $50 bonus for each new customer shortly after they opened and funded a new account. I then shared […]

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Oakmark, T. Rowe Price Reopen Funds

The Oakmark Funds reopened its Global Fund (OAKGX) on May 9, 2008. The fund, which has been closed to new investors since December 2003, invests in both domestic and foreign markets, holding 42.6% of its assets in U.S. stocks and and the rest in developed and emerging economies outside the country. According to, OAKGX […]

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Wasatch Reopens Two Micro-Cap Funds

Micro-cap fund specialist Washtch Advisors today announced that it will temporarily reopen two micro-cap funds, Wasatch International Opportunities Fund (WAIOX) Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund (WAMVX), to all investors. Unlike other funds that were recently reopened, these two funds seem never available to individual investors because they were both closed on the day when they […]

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Zecco: Go Paperless or Pay for Your Paper Statement

Since I began to actively use my Zecco account to trade stocks in March, I got myself a task that I don’t want: find a place to store the mail Zecco sent me every time I made a trade. It’s not really a piece of junk mail that I can just throw away, but close […]

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Bought another Piece of Gold from Bullion Direct

A little over one year ago, I bought a Buffalo gold coin from Bullion Direct (my review of Bullion Direct) when the price was around $640 an ounce. Somehow, I never considered that as an investment, though gold has gained a lot in the past year. Currently at $885, gold actually made a good investment […]

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Green Your Portfolio with Claymore’s Solar Energy ETF

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day and one of the topic being discussed is how to live a green life and save our environment. On this year’s Earth Day, the government also announced a plan to boost fuel efficiency by 25%, increasing per gallon mileage from 27.5 to 35.7, on the same day when the […]

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My Play Money at Zecco

In his book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street, author Burton Malkiel declared that A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by the experts. Do you believe random walk? Or do you follow your own research? Or maybe […]

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PowerShares Launched Four Active ETFs

Less than a month after Bear Stearns became the first firm ever to offer actively managed exchange-traded fund (ETF), PowerShares, an major player in the ETF arena, introduced its own active ETFs last Friday. The four new ETFs, including both equity and fixed income funds, are: PowerShares Active AlphaQ Fund (PQY) PowerShares Active Alpha Multi-Cap […]

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