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Picking Stocks Like a Guru

I never knew there’s a stock screening tools that identify stocks based on theories developed by the so-called investment gurus (somebody like Benjamin Graham) until I came across this article on Kiplinger’s Personal Finance last week. Following the link in the article, I went on to check one of the tools, Guru Screener, at, […]

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Zecco Removes Stock Trade Account Minimum to Lure More Investors

Now it seems that everything is free at Zecco (except option trading). I was tipped off by Joe yesterday about the change and just got an email from Zecco this morning that now you can open a Zecco trading account with no account minimum. You asked, we listened. In response to popular demand, we’ve lowered […]

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Zecco Trading Review (Now TradeKing): Trading Experience, Account Opening Process

Zecco Trading is one of the popular online discount stock broker since early 2006. Since its launch,¬†Zecco has gone through several major overhauls in the past 5 years, going from being a completely commission-fee broker from which it got its name to a broker just like every other one in the industry that charges a […]

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Zecco IS Cheap

No, I am not talking about their commission free trading (check out Zecco new pricing policy for more details on how to get commission free trades). It’s now a quite common practice for financial institutions to use small amount of trial deposits to verify the ownership of bank accounts, if they can’t, or don’t, verify […]

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Zecco Review Plus Free Trading Account Opening Process

Zecco Trading is an online broker that lets you buy stocks/ETFs for less. Well, I eventually opened a Zecco account after mulling the idea of getting commission free trading for a long time. The main attraction was, of course, zero commission trading. Currently, I am paying anywhere from $4 to $7 commission on stock trading. […]

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Mutual Fund Costs are Declining

but are they keeping pace with the growth of the fund assets? Early this week, Morningstar has an article which says that the costs of owning mutual funds are declining over the past 15 years. This is definitely good news for investors who use mutual funds as investment vehicle for their future. According to the […]

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Switched to Vanguard E-Service to Eliminate Account Fees

Late last month, Vanguard introduced simplified fee structure aimed to reduce costs on owning Vanguard funds. Though at first, it seemed that replacing $10 fee with $20 fee was going in the opposite direction of reducing investor’s cost, Vanguard does offer a couple of ways to eliminate the fee all together for good and one […]

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Do You Believe Analyst’s Forecast?

Do you believe in technical analysis? Do you think stock analysts can use charts to predict the future of a stock and thus make a winning trade? I have a technical analysis book (All About Technical Analysis* by Constance Brown) that I bought several years when I was once considering to learn the technique, but […]

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