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Wasatch to Reopen Funds

According to, small-cap specialist Wasatch is to opened several closed funds on January 31st, 2007. If you are looking to add small-cap funds to your portfolio, this may be a chance. However, there are restrictions. Wasatch Fund website says the following three funds will be available to existing investors: Wasatch Small Cap Value Fund […]

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DGL: PowerShares’ Gold Play

PowerShares Capital, together with Deutsche Bank, launched seven new sector ETFs early this month. Among the new offerings, one is PowerShares DB Gold Fund (DGL). According to the fund prospectus, DGL is based on the Deutsche Bank LiquidCommodity Index – Optimum Yield Gold, which has the following performance as of December 31, 2006:

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Dumped Some NT, Bought Some PGJ

So far Nortel (NT) is the biggest loser in my stock portfolio, losing about 45% of the value on paper. The last time I bought NT shares was August 7, 2006, when I added 320 shares at $2.00 a piece (now that’s equivalent to 32 shares at $20.00/share after the reverse split). I have been […]

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Dollar-Cost Averaging: For Higher Return or for Lower Risk?

In the past couple of days, I did some further study on VFINX after I took a look at the market value and shares owned at the beginning of 2007 if I started investment in January 1988 with four different investment schemes (here’s the previous post). In this study, I use VFINX as a dollar-cost […]

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DODFX — Get in Before It’s too Late

If you are mutual fund investors that focus on value investment, chances are you have heard about Dodge & Cox Funds even if you may not own them. Unlike mutual fund powerhouses such as Vanguard and Fidelity which each offers a full line of funds, Dodge & Cox only operates four funds, Stock Fund (DODGX), […]

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So How Bad is Dollar-Cost Averaging? My Own Study of VFINX from 1988 – 2007

First of all, I am a believer of dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) and have been taking this approach ($100 every month) ever since I started investing in mutual funds. The reasons I do DCA are, 1) conventional wisdom tells me that by spreading the investments throughout the year, I don’t have to guess when is the right […]

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50 Ford Shares Purchased in My IRA

This probably isn't something I really want to buy because of the struggle of the US auto industry. However, I made this one-time purchase today in my IRA account. Before transferring my IRA from Scottrade to Vanguard, I have four Vanguard funds plus a non-Vanguard fund, BRSIX in my account. Since Scottrade charges commission for […]

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Mutual Funds Year-end Distributions

Here’s a complete list of my mutual fund year-end distributions: Symbol Date Dividend Short-term capital gain Long-term capital gain Total CSVFX 09/20/06 $0.12 $0.13 $2.51 $2.76 OAKBX 12/14/06 $0.5013 $0 $1.3081 $1.8094 TGLDX 12/15/06 $0.217 $1.122 $3.93 $5.269 PRSVX 12/18/06 $0.27 $0.25 $1.16 $1.68 PRNEX 12/18/06 $0.57 $0.34 $1.21 $2.12 TREMX 12/18/06 $0.42 $0 $1.06 […]

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