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Lost in Transportation

After the phone call, I felt very bad. I really shouldn’t have been cheap. Here’s what happened. Early this month, I filled the paper work to move part of my Roth IRA assets from Scottrade to Vanguard. At the same time, my wife also submitted her application for transferring two Vanguard funds as well. Both […]

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2006 4-Week T-Bill Rate Update

After reaching a low of 4.624% on September 28th, the rate of the 4-week T-Bill has rebounded a little bit, with the most recent auction on October 10th resulted in a 4.87% APY. While the rate is still lower than what some popular online savings accounts (such as EmigrantDirect and HSBCDirect) currently offer, buying 4-week […]

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Yahoo Finance Chart Looks Good

I only discovered the new Yahoo Finance Chart yesterday and really like it. I used to go to place like for detailed, interactive charts, but now it seems I can get all I want from Yahoo. What I like the most is the way I can change the time range. At the bottom of […]

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September 2006 Score Card — Part IV: Asset Allocation

This is the last item on the September 2006 score card: asset allocations of the taxable accounts. In addition to investing regularly in our retirement accounts (401(k)s, Roth IRAs), I also have some stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds in taxable accounts. Right now, these accounts serve as supplements to our retirement investments. When it comes […]

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How to Invest When You’re Young

This is the title of an article from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. The article suggested several options to start investing with a small amount of money (less than $500). According to the article, youngsters can start stock investment with Sharebuilder, which charges $4 for each transaction. For the long-term, the article brought up a couple of […]

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Mutual Fund Distributions: What are They?

There’s an article in the T. Row Price Investor magazine I received today on mutual fund distributions. If you are a new mutual fund investor or planning to invest into mutual funds, it could used as fundamentals about mutual fund investing. So I summarized and expanded the article a little bit for this post. Ok, […]

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Dogs of the Dow?

On my way to work this morning, I heard Bloomberg radio (yes, I alsmost never dailed any music channel) mentioned a mutual fund that has a 12-month return of 18% (maybe the number I remembered is a little bit off, but it's in that area). The return was great but I think there are plenty […]

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OK, I’m Cancelling My T-Bill Purchase

Yesterday’s auction set the latest yield of 4-week T-Bill at 4.721%, dipped 3 basis points from last week’s rate. After examining recent yield moves, I feel that we would be better of if we shift the cash currently invested in 4-week T-Bills to our savings account at EmigrantDirect, which pays 5.15% APY. I will keep […]

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