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Prosper, one of the earliest players in peer-to-peer lending, was quite last year and early this year because it failed to meet regulatory requirements. It wasn’t allowed to keep operating until it was cleared by the SEC. Its chief rival Lending Club, on the other hand, was quick to get the OK from the regulator and has been expending its business while Prosper was waiting for the clearance.

Now it seems that Prosper is back, finally. While I am quite with happy with the performance I have with Lending Club so far, a little competition is always good, even in the P2P lending business.

Speaking of competition, Prosper is now offering $50 bonus to lure more lenders and borrowers. I have opened my Prosper account a long time ago. However, because of my previous resident status, I wasn’t allowed to invest, the same as what happened to Lending Club before. Then after updating my address to Virginia the other day, I got my $50 bonus and am eligible to lend directly :) It basically doesn’t require anything to get the bonus, except one Financial Suitability Requirement, which is like this:

The Notes are being offered only to a lender (a husband and wife are treated together as one lender) who satisfies the suitability requirements set forth below. You must meet one or more of the suitability requirements (a-b) in order to purchase Notes from Prosper.

1. I have an annual gross income of at least $70,000 and a net worth as set forth below, of at least $70,000, and I will not purchase Notes that in the aggregate, exceed 10% or more of my net worth as set forth below, or
2. I have a minimum net worth of $250,000 and I will not purchase Notes, that in the aggregate, exceed 10% or more of my net worth as set forth below.

Note: Net worth is calculated exclusive of home, home furnishings and automobiles, and Lender members may not value assets included in the computation of net worth at more than their fair market value.

The bar seems to be a little high and I don’t remember I saw the same requirement at Lending Club. If the requirement doesn’t prevent you from becoming a lender, then open a Prosper account and get the $50 free money. I haven’t invested my $50 yet as I haven’t got time to go through Prosper’s lending process. But I do plan to use the money to test the water soon :D

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