Reminder: $70 TradeKing Bonus Still Available

Update: This promotion has expired.

Just a quick reminder. There are a few more days left to take advantage of this $50+$20 bonus offer.

Tonight, I was about to send out the first batch of bonuses I received from TradeKing to those who used my referrals to get a TradeKing account, then I realized that the promotion is almost over. TradeKing started the National Friendship Day promotion at the end of July and it will run till August 31st. The promotion will give both the referrer and referee a $50 bonus if the referee opens an account and makes a trade (see my original post for details). And I made the promotion even sweeter by sharing $20 of my bonus.

If you have been waiting to get a TradeKing account, this is your chance to be rewarded. Send me a email to request a referral link before August 31st and get $70 free money :)

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