ShareBuilder IRA Account 10 Free Trade Promotion

Got this promotion offer from ShareBuilder a couple of days ago.

Discount broker ShareBuilder is now offering 10 free real-time trades if you open a ShareBuilder IRA account, whether it’s Traditional or Roth. If you are not familiar with ShareBuilder, which is now part of ING Direct, here’s what you will get. It basically offers several automatic investment plans that let you buy stocks on a pre-defined schedule at a lower commission. The Basic Plan is free and you can buy fixed dollar amount of stocks on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, at $4 per transaction. Since the investment is based on dollar amount, not the number of shares which is usually the case at other brokers, it means that you are able to buy fractional shares with ShareBuilder. In addition to automatic investment plans, you can also buy stocks at real-time. However, for real-time trading, the commission jumps to $9.95 per online trade. This promotional offer is for real-time trades, with a value that’s close to $100. Unlike automatic investment plans, you can’t be fractional shares in real-time trading.

If you are interested in getting a ShareBuilder IRA account, you can use promo code REALTIME to open an account before March 21, 2011, and get 10 free trades. Details of this promotion is below.

Open a new ShareBuilder IRA or Roth IRA using promo code REALTIME by 3/21/11 to receive 10 Real-time trade credits. The trade credits will post to your account within 48 business hours after opening and will expire on 7/29/11. Trade credits will be posted to eligible IRA accounts approved for trading at ShareBuilder’s sole discretion. Mutual funds and options contracts don’t qualify. Additional services and charges beyond base commissions, such as the low-priced security charge and express funding, are not covered. Value of trade credits when subscribed to the Basic Pricing Program is $99.50. Value when subscribed to the Advantage Pricing Program is $79.50. Visit the ShareBuilder web site for complete pricing and rates. This offer applies to Individual Retirement Accounts only.

ShareBuilder isn’t the only broker that offers incentives for new IRA accounts. A few other brokers also have IRA account promotions which give cash bonuses or commission-free trades if you open an IRA account before the deadline, April 18th. For more information on where to open an IRA account, check out my post on best brokers for IRA accounts.

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