ShareBuilder Starts to Offer ING Funds

ShareBuilder continues to make changes after being acquired by ING.

ShareBuilder today announced that it now allows investors to buy mutual funds through it’s automatic investment plans. ShareBuilder is one of the popular discount brokers which offers investors to buy stocks at dollar amount rather than share amount at $4.00 commission. The new service makes 20 funds from ING available to investors:

  • ING Strategic Allocation Conservative Fund (IDSIX)
  • ING Strategic Allocation Moderate Fund (IDSLX)
  • ING Strategic Allocation Growth Fund IDSGX)
  • ING Intermediate Bond Fund (IDBOX)
  • ING Mid Cap Opportunities (NMCOX)
  • ING Small Company (ISCOX)
  • ING Value Choice (PAVOX)
  • ING Index Plus Large Cap Fund (IDLOX)
  • ING Index Plus Mid Cap Fund (IDMOX)
  • ING Index Plus Small Cap Fund (IDSOX)
  • ING Global Bond (IGBOX)
  • ING Global Equity Dividend Fund (IDGEX)
  • ING Global Real Estate Fund (IDGTX)
  • ING Global Science and Technology Fund (IDTOX)
  • ING Index Plus International Equity Fund (IDIOX)
  • ING Diversified International (IFFOX)
  • ING Greater China (IFCOX)
  • ING International Small Cap Multi-manager (NAPOX)
  • ING Real Estate Fund (IDROX)
  • ING Financial Services Fund (IDFOX)

According to ShareBuilder, there’s no load of any of these funds and investors will not pay transaction fees for investing in these funds. However, there’s a early redemption fee of $19.95 if the fund is held for less than 90 days.

Though the number funds available small and all are limited to ING funds, it’s a positive development. Since now the offering isn’t just stocks, investors use ShareBuilder to build a portfolio for long-term investment.

I am not familiar with ING family of funds, so I can’t comment on whether the funds listed above make good choice. The only one fund from ING I know is ING Corporate Leaders Trust B (LEXCX), one fund that beats the S&P 500 index in the past 10 years. Digging a little deeper, maybe I can find a good fund :)

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