So How’s My American Buffalo Gold Coin Doing?

It has been more than a month since I bought one (and only one) American Buffalo gold coin from Bullion Direct. The coin was received about two weeks after the order was placed (the hold period that they require to clear the check and release the coin for shipment) in excellent shape. The price I paid for the coin was $669.70 when the spot gold was about $646 an ounce. Including shipping and handling (insurance was free though), I paid $685.14 in total.

Since then, gold price has seen a nice upward run, gaining nearly $30 per ounce (currently at $676.40 an ounce). The latest price for 1 ounce American Buffalo Gold Coin (2007) at Bullion Direct is $708.10, almost $40 higher than the price I paid. In addition, I also bought two silver coins last month: one 1 ounce American Eagle silver coin for $14.91 and one 1 ounce Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin for $14.36. Their current prices are $15.43 and $14.88, respectively.

Is this a good investment? It won’t be if I don’t sell it. And even if I sell, I still won’t make any profit as the dealer will only buy it back at a price same as spot gold. There’s no markups when they buy.

It’s better for me to just keep it :)).

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