Stock Trades Since October 2008

I am by no means a trader. I am not always looking for stocks to buy. However, since last October when the stock market started to sink, I have been active, relatively, on trading stocks. In fact, stocks I bought and sold since October 2008 are more than the total number of trades I did in the pas three years. On one hand, I want to take advantage of the market fluctuation to make a few quick bucks; on the other hand, when stock prices dropped to multi-year, or even all-time, lows, I also want to buy and hold them for a little bit longer so, hopefully, I will be able to get better returns in the future.

Since late October, I have added $10,000 to my Scottrade account to buy hard-hit stocks. As I mentioned early, I have already sold some stocks purchased early to take profits, but I am still holding a large number of stocks that I have no plan to sell, at least not in the new future. Following is the complete list of stock trades I made since October 2008.

Stock Shares
ValueClick (VCLK) 83 $6.04 10/28/08 N/A N/A $10.90 80%
Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) 294 $1.70 10/30/08 $2.75 11/11/08 $7.39 62%
VCA Antech (WOOF) 25 $19.76 11/04/08 $15.80 11/20/08 $25.35 -20%
E-House Holdings (EJ) 160 $5.00 11/11/08 $6.23 12/03/08 $12.74 25%
E-House Holdings (EJ) 368 $4.17 11/20/08 $6.23 12/03/08 $12.74 49%
WuXi PharmaTech (WX) 500 $4.56 12/03/08 $6.44 12/12/08 $5.93 41%
JA Solar Holdings (JASO) 500 $2.93 12/12/08 $4.44 12/31/08 $3.61 52%
Qiao Xing Mobile Comm (QXM) 620 $2.81 12/12/08 N/A N/A $2.81 0%
Research in Motion (RIMM) 12 $41.47 12/19/08 N/A N/A $68.76 65%
Freddie Mac (FRE) 56 $0.71 12/31/08 N/A N/A $0.77 8%
Global Sources (GSOL) 404 $5.49 12/31/08 N/A N/A $4.54 -17%
Las Vegas Sands (LVS) 317 $3.90 02/03/09 N/A N/A $8.23 111% (CTRP) 48 $20.50 02/09/09 $20.63 03/05/09 $31.27 1%
Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) 340 $0.1065 02/13/09 N/A N/A $0.40 276%
Bank of America (BAC) 222 $4.50 02/27/09 N/A N/A $9.14 103%
PowerShares Water Resources (PHO) 100 $10.65 03/05/09 N/A N/A $14.36 35%
Citigroup (C) 600 $1.05 03/05/09 N/A N/A $3.18 203%
Research in Motion (RIMM) 15 $38.60 03/05/09 N/A N/A $69.00 79%
WuXi PharmaTech (WX) 300 $4.42 03/05/09 $4.80 04/08/08 $5.90 9% (SINA) 45 $21.65 03/12/09 N/A N/A $28.93 34%
Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) 100 $0.2985 03/20/09 N/A N/A $0.40 30%
Lincoln National Corp (LNC) 156 $6.40 03/30/09 N/A N/A $11.87 85%
iShares Silver Trust (SLV) 83 $11.95 04/06/09 N/A N/A $12.20 2%
VisionChina Media (VISN) 240 $6.04 04/08/09 N/A N/A $5.61 -7%
American Express (AXP) 54 $18.55 04/14/09 N/A N/A $26.17 41%
PowerShares Intl. Dividend Achiev (PID) 102 $9.80 04/28/09 N/A N/A $10.30 5%

There are a few trades I didn’t do with the profits I wanted to have, or I could have waited a bit longer. Also, there were times I sold the stock just to have the money to buy others since I don’t usually have spare money in the account.  For example, I sold both (CTRP) and WuXi Pharma (WX) with little profit on March 5 and used the proceeds to buy Citigroup (C), which didn’t turn out to be a bad move, even though CTRP has also moved up very nicely during the same period of time.

Right now the market value of those stocks I am still holding is nearly twice as much as my initial investments of $10,000. I will probably buy a little bit more latter, but given the run we have since March 9, stock prices probably won’t go up as fast as we have seen in the last month.

BTW, what you see here isn’t the whole picture. My entire stock holdings don’t look that rosy. Remember I have a play account at Zecco? At the peak of December 2007, the account had a market value at $6,560. Now it only has a little over $2,500. And my E*Trade Global Trading Account, in which I bought two Hong Kong listed stocks, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and It had $8,100 at the peak of October 2007. Now, the account has only $3,100 :( Maybe I should buy a few more Hong Kong stocks as well :)

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7 Responses to “Stock Trades Since October 2008”

  1. Andres |  Aug 01, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    Personally I woulda kept Wuxi and sold SIRI, the latter being too speculative even for me unless you have real conviction about it.

    Hope you can give an update on your Etrade Global account experience as I’m looking to get more direct exposure into China and Etrade seems to be one of the few options for the small investor available.

    Love your blog btw! Been reading post after post – I don’t remember when I agreed with someone so strongly about so many things on the markets, from oil to China to buying low and being an investor- good stuff!