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Moving from ShareBuilder to Zecco

This isn’t exactly the kind of simplifications I have planed to make as I also opened an new account, but today I sent out the paperwork to move the assets in my ShareBuilder account to Zecco. I have used ShareBuilder for a little over a year and every month I transfered $200 to the account […]

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XFML Keeps Marching Higher

Since I bought some extra shares of Xinhua Finance Media on June 1st at $6.95, the stock is going nowhere but up. Currently traded at $9.94 a share, my latest trading has brought me $428 of profit (42% gain). Overall, instead of being more than $400 in red, I almost break even at this point. […]

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Analyst Recommendations More Reliable Now?

On my way to work this morning, I heard a piece of news on Bloomberg radio, saying that since then NY AG Spitzer forced Wall Street firms separate their research units from investment banking four years ago, analysts’ calls on stocks have become more accurate than before. For example, according to Bloomberg news, Investors who […]

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Reader Responses: Buy High, Sell Higher or Buy Low, Sell High

The other day, I posted some thoughts on why I bought more shares of XFML after the stock plummeted to below $7. I didn’t apply any *technical analysis* or anything like that before making the trade and my reason was quite simple: nothing really changed before and after the sell off and the price became […]

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Try My Luck Using Zecco

When I opened a Zecco trading account and made my first trade a little over a week ago, my choice of stock was Xinhua Finance Media (XFML), the stock I also bought on its IPO day for $11.10 a share. So how’s my latest addition doing? Currently, XFML is traded at $8.57, a gain of […]

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Zecco Trading Review (Now TradeKing): Trading Experience, Account Opening Process

Zecco Trading is one of the popular online discount stock broker since early 2006. Since its launch,¬†Zecco has gone through several major overhauls in the past 5 years, going from being a completely commission-fee broker from which it got its name to a broker just like every other one in the industry that charges a […]

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Do You Believe Analyst’s Forecast?

Do you believe in technical analysis? Do you think stock analysts can use charts to predict the future of a stock and thus make a winning trade? I have a technical analysis book (All About Technical Analysis* by Constance Brown) that I bought several years when I was once considering to learn the technique, but […]

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Loaded Up Altria and More Gold

I have been long considering adding Altria (MO) to my investments because of its long history of dividend growth. On March 13, 2007, MO distributed a quarterly dividend of $0.86/share, equivalent to a $3.44 annual dividend (5.00% yield). Though the spin-off of Kraft Food will reduce its annual dividend to $2.75, MO has increased its […]

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