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LFC to Close Above $100 for the First Time

So I didn’t buy Google two years ago and now it’s traded near $500. But I have LFC. China Life Insurance (LFC), my biggest gainer so far, is on track to close above $100 for the first time today. Currently traded at $101.70 per share, LFC has seen its stock price more than tripled in […]

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Nortel Consolidated Its Common Shares

When I looked at the quote of Nortel Network (NT) this morning, I couldn’t believe what I saw: $20.96 per share, up 875% from yesterday! What’s going on? Well, nothing much except that now I only own 230 shares instead of 2300 shares yesterday. NT implemented the consolidation today. The reverse split is at a […]

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China Life to Resume Trading Tomorrow

And the suspension is indeed related to the acquisition of 20% stake of Guangdong Development Bank. According to announcement, China Life will pay about $730 million in cash for the acquisition. Trading of LFC will resume tomorrow at 9:30 am in NYSE. The announcement can be found here.

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Citi Won Guangdong Development Bank Stake

Citigroup announced today that it won a $3.1 billion bid to take control of Guangdong Development Bank, a regional bank with more than 500 branches in south and east China. A consortium led by Citigroup, also including IBM, China Life Insurance, China’s State Grid Corp, CITIC Trust, and PuHua Investment, will take 85.6% percent of […]

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What You Want to Know Before Buying ETFs

In my previous post, I summarized the reasons I invested in ETFs (I currently have six PowerShares ETFs: PEY, PFM, PGJ, PHO, and PID), including ETFs are priced as stocks; Many ETFs are designed to track some popular indices; The fees for sector ETFs are usually lower than their mutual fund counterparts; ETFs can be […]

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Dollar-cost-averaging with ETFs: Bad Idea?

I became a big fan of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in December 2004 when I sold my Matthews China Fund (MCHFX) holdings at Scottrade after it started to charge fees for no-load mutual funds and switched to PowerShares’ Golden Dragon Halter USX China (PGJ), 10 days after its inception. Now I own seven PowerShares ETFs, […]

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Sent Checks to Scottrade

Due to the apparent delay of our Roth IRA transfer process at Vanguard, I decided to mail the checks ($1000 each) to Scottrade for our forth quarter Roth IRA contributions. When I started the transfer process at the end of last month, I thought it could be done before the next quarterly automatic investment date […]

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September 2006 Score Card — Part IV: Asset Allocation

This is the last item on the September 2006 score card: asset allocations of the taxable accounts. In addition to investing regularly in our retirement accounts (401(k)s, Roth IRAs), I also have some stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds in taxable accounts. Right now, these accounts serve as supplements to our retirement investments. When it comes […]

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