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Citi Reverse Stock Split: Is It Good for the Stock?

This is a comment left by nt on my post on Citi stock purchase: I heard that citi group is reverse splitting the shares. Is this good for the investors? Before talking about what a reverse stock split is, here’s a story of one stock I used to own which did a reverse stock split […]

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Is This Rally Real?

Since closing at 6,547.05 on March 9th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained back more than 11% in the past 9 trading sessions to recoup some of the losses. The rally was partly fueled by financial stocks after two of the nation’s three largest banks, Bank of America (BAC) and Citigroup (C), made bullish comments […]

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Stocks I Bought Recently

I mentioned early this month that I bought 600 shares of Citigroup (C) on the day when the stock was traded below $1 for the first time ever. From where the stock is traded now (it closed at $3.08/share on March 18, 2009), it seems that my bet is a good one, even though I […]

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How to Spot Trading Signals in Stock Charts

In this INO educational video, Adam Hewison from INO explains how you can spot something that are out of ordinary from your stock charts and turn them into profitable trades. Though the analysis is done with INO Market Club chart, you can easily apply what is taught in this video to any stock chart you […]

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Bought 600 Shares of Citigroup

Well, I didn’t get it when the stock was traded below $1 a share for the first time ever, I actually got in a little early. I sold 360 shares of HTX that I bought on December 4 last year (made a little profit from the trade) and used (part of) the money to buy […]

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Is the Stock Market Like a Tracking Poll in Politics?

President Obama is definitely trying very hard to boost the nation’s confidence. After his massive economic stimulus plan failed to impress investors about the prospective of a speedy recovery, the President himself¬† came out today to suggest that stocks at the current level are cheap enough such that “buying stocks is a potentially good deal” […]

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Learn How to Use Stop Effectively to Profit and Preserve Your Capital

Are you using stop in your trading to make money, and more importantly, to preserve your capital if the trade doesn’t go your way? In this educational video from INO, you will know what the three widely used stops, dollar stop, percentage stop, and chart stop, are how they work. The video will also teach […]

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S&P Dividend Aristocrats

Last month, I wrote an article on S&P 500 high dividend paying stocks.¬† Over the weekend, Barron’s released a video with more explanations on the S&P dividend aristocrats.

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