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Dow, The Near 6-Year Low

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed below the 8,000 point mark for the first time since nearly 6 years on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 after dropping 427.47 points to close at 7,997.28 points. The last time the index closed blow 8,000 points was March 31, 2003. It took the index four and half years to […]

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China Life Insurance: 5 Years on NYSE

So it has been five years since China Life Insurance (LFC) IPOed on NYSE, which means I have own this stock for exactly five years, the longest time I have ever owned a stock. That sounds unbelievable to me. Time did pass very quickly It wasn’t a smooth ride however. When I bought the stock […]

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Wall Street Greeted President-Elect Obama with a 486-Point Plunge of the Dow

What a huge difference one day can make! Yesterday, when the election was still underway, investors, in anticipation of a Obama victory, pushed the Dow up nearly 305 points, the biggest gain ever on an election day. Today, even before excitement from Obama’s historic win started to fade, investors re-focused their attention on the economy, […]

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Dow Jones in October 2008 by the Numbers

As an investor, I felt a little relieved when October is finally over, especially when all three major indices closed the month with two consecutive gains, which is a rare event these days. What is not rare the past month are the huge ups and downs of the indices, especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  […]

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Scottrade Free Trades 2013

In early September, I put up a post on the new Scottrade 3 commission free trades promotion. Because I have been a loyal Scottrade customer for many years and generally quite happy with their service, I wanted to share the promotion with everybody so people can save some money on commissions if they want to […]

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Different Day, Same Story

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded its biggest single day increase ever two days ago, I thought the stock market might have touched the bottom and started to turn around after relentless selling on the Wall Street the week before. Apparently, I was wrong. Since the 936 points gain on Monday, the benchmark has […]

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Stocks Saved the Worst for the Last, Closing at 5-Year Low

It looks like there’s just nothing can stop the stock market sell-off, not even the hint of a rate cut from the Fed (Bloomberg), which usually got investors excited in the past. Stock indexes went up briefly at the opening on the news that the Fed Reserve announced that it will buy back short-term commercial […]

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Dow Jones Posts Largest Point Drop Ever

While I was sleeping in China, something ugly, very ugly happened on the Wall Street and on the Capital Hill. The first I noticed when I turned on my laptop this morning was headlines like this Dow posts record point drop as House rejects bailout. As a result, major indexes suffered huge losses. The Dow […]

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