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Morningstar’s New Mutual Fund Quote Looks Good

I have mentioned a few time in the past that Morningstar is my primary tool when it comes to mutual fund research because, as far as I can tell, it has the broad coverage or mutual funds with the most comprehensive data of a fund. I even wrote about how to use Morningstar to research […]

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Morningstar’s New Chart Tool Is Impressive

Whenever I need data on mutual funds, whether it’s a fund’s expense ratio, risk measures, or return, I always go to It has been my trust tool for fund research for year, not only for mutual funds, but for ETFs as well. Then yesterday when I went to Morningstar to get some data for […]

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A Free Stock Analysis Tool

When I need to check some data, such as returns and historical prices, of stocks or mutual funds, I usually use free tools such as Yahoo Finance or Morningstar. For my simple needs, those tools are enough, though what they offer are quite limited. INO Free Stock Analysis Recently I was informed about another free […]

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ETFMarketPro ETF Research Tool Review

As an investor of exchange traded funds (ETFs), I am always on the lookout for new ETF research tools to make researching and investing a little easier. In the past, I have discussed a few tools that I found, such as the ETF rating tool from XTF. And usually when I research an ETF, I […]

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Google Followed Yahoo in Offering Real-Time Stock Quotes

Not that it’s significant, but in case you haven’t noticed, Google Finance starts to offer real-time stock quotes for securities listed on the NASDAQ. What it means is that from now on, when you type in a ticker symbol in your Google toolbar, the quote you see will be real time, no more 20 minutes […]

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Millionaire Calculator

Yesterday, I wrote a post on what it takes to become a millionaire, where I gave a table showing given your monthly savings and an annual rate of return, when you will have at least $1M assets (houses, cars, etc. are not included). While the table is quite straightforward, it’s not flexible enough. For example, […]

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Using XTF’s Rating Tool to Research ETFs

A while ago, I had a post on using XTF’s ETF Finder to find ETFs that belong to the same sector. I like that tool because it allows me to see all the competitors of a particular fund and gives me all the information I need on one page. Recently (less than two months actually), […]

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Got a Broker? BrokerCheck It before Using It

I am a do-it-myself person when it comes to investing. I do my own research and make my own investment decisions. I don’t use a broker or financial adviser. However, if you want to get some professional help for investing/financial planning, it’s always good to know as much background information about the broker/adviser as possible […]

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