Trade Gold and Silver with Zecco

Online discount broker Zecco Trading keeps rolling out new service.

Early this year, Zecco introduced Zecco Forex Trading, a platform that allows Zecco customers to trade foreign exchanges. Now you can even buy gold and silver if you are interested in investing in precious metal, right from the Forex platform.

Gold has crossed the $1,000/ounce mark again last week after hovering between $900 and $950 this year. However, since the collapse of Lehman Brothers one year ago which triggered the meltdown of the financial market, gold has risen 30%. And silver performed even better with more than 40% return in one year. Is the upward trend of precious metals going to continue? There are predictions that gold can go as high as $1,100 an ounce as the US dollar keeps weakening ( has a video explaining the recent movement of gold).

In the past, I have written about where to buy gold which covers investing in both the physical metal and paper gold such as ETF. Now with Zecco’s new service,  there’s one more way to buy gold and silver. Check it out. Of course, you will need a Zecco Forex Trading account, which is different from the regular brokerage account.

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