This Is Why I Trade with Scottrade

I write about Scottrade quite often here for a couple of reasons:

Usually customer service doesn’t play a big role when I select a bank or a broker (it wasn’t a factor when I decided to use Scottrade). However, my experience with the company is very positive so far, making me feel I made the right choice back then.

The reason I want to write this post is an email and a voice message I got from Scottrade yesterday. As I mentioned early, I am in the process of updating my new address with banks, brokers, and credit card companies, etc. I made the change with Scottrade two days ago. Then yesterday, I first got an email from Scottrade which informs me that, because of our move, we now have a new Scottrade branch office to serve us, only a couple of miles away from where we live, together with the branch office manager’s name and phone number. When I got home after work, there was a message on the machine. It was left by the branch manager who introduced himself and offered assistance should we have any question.

I have written in the past what I like about Scottrade is that, unlike other pure online brokers, Scottrade has branch offices throughout the country so, if I have to, I can stop by at a local office and do business right there (though there was never an occasion that I had to go to the office). I have moved 3 times since becoming a Scottrade customer and every time, they sent me contact information of the new local office shortly after I updated my address. And since they always let me who the branch manager is, I had no problem getting my problem resolved with the same person who knows me and the issue. With other companies, it’s almost certain that every time I call, I will talk to a different person and have to repeat my case again and again. That’s not the case with Scottrade.

For those companies which I have updated my address with so far, a couple of them, such as Bank of America and Fidelity, also have local branch offices, though may not be in the same town. However, only Scottrade has contacted me. That’s the difference and that ‘s why I trade with Scottrade.

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