TradeKing Free Trades Friday

This Friday, August 12th, online discount broker TradeKing will offer its customers commission free trades for any and all trades placed during the days. If you want to take advantage of the recent sharp drops on the Wall Street, not that that’s a good thing unless you consider it as a good buying opportunity, you can save some money with TradeKing, though it’s just a one-day special event.

Generally, TradeKing charges $4.95 commission for online orders of stocks and ETFs, regardless the number of shares in each order. TradeKing’s commission is at the low end of commissions charged by online discount brokers. In addition to low cost, TradeKing also provides its customer with excellent services, free educational webnairs and a large selection of trading tools. During the day Friday, for any trades that are excuted, you will still be charged at the regular commissions at the time of excution. But in the following day, August 13th, all the commissions charged for Friday’s trades will be reimbursed. You can verify this from your Account Actitiy page. This special commission-free trade offer includes stock trades, option trades, fixed income and no-load mutual fund trades. Index option fees and option contracts fees will not be charged.

Of course, in order to use the free trades, you have to be a TradeKing customer. If you are not currently using TradeKing, but are considering become a customer, they are having a special promotion this August, which will give you $100 cash bonus if you open an account, fund it and execut trades. If you are interested, check out my previous post about this TradeKing$100 bonus  promotion.

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