TradeKing Introduced Strategy Builder Stock Screening Tool

Online discount broker TradeKing recently introduced to its customers a new stock screener, called Strategy Builder, provided by Recognia. If you are already using TradeKing, you can find the new Strategy Builder in your account under Tools.

TradeKing strategy builder

Since Strategy Builder is a stock screening tool, what it does is help investors identify which stocks to buy based on certain criteria, some are developed by Recognia based on well-known strategy, such as the ‘Growth At a Reasonable Price’ strategy described in Benjamin Graham’s 1949 classic book The Intelligent Investor; others are provided by individual investors from the TradeKing user community.¬†Each strategy is built on a set of criteria, with some popular ones as stock price, dividend yield, P/E, price/book ratio, volume, and price performance in various time intervals.

I am not an active trader myself. When I did buy stocks, I never used any screening tools because I don’t think I need a tool to tell me what to buy if I only buy a few stocks in a year. Plus, for the stocks I did buy, it was always the case that I knew the company first before buying the stocks. On the other hand, I can see how using Strategy Builder, or any other stock screening tools for that matter, could help those who make a lot more trades than I do. It can reduce the amount of initial research required by narrowing down the number of stocks meet certain criteria to a much more manageable level. However, I still think that a strategy, even those that built on Graham’s principles, can’t replace the human analysis in stock research. As thorough as a screening tool can be, there are still something that are important to each individual investor.

If you are not familiar with TradeKing, check out my TradeKing review post to learn more about the broker and its services. A comprehensive list that compares discount online brokers will give you an idea of the cost to trade with each broker.

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