Update: 4-Week T-Bill Equivalent Yield Calculator

One year ago, I had a post discussing the return of 4-week T-bill, whether it’s APR or APY, and how to calculate the equivalent yield based on the state income tax. In that post, only the formulas on how exactly the calculations should be done were given. Though it isn’t difficult to put the formulas in an spreadsheet and get the returns, I always feel it would be nice to have an online calculator so everybody can use it without requiring any extra resource.

Well, that’s finally done.

4-Week T-Bill Equivalent Yield Calculator
T-Bill Investment Rate (%):
State Income Tax Rate (%):
Annual Percentage Yield (APY, %):
Equivalent APY (EAPY, %):

To calculate your equivalent yield, first find the latest 4-week T-bill APR from Treasury website (Investment rate %) and enter it in the T-Bill Investment Rate (%) field (no %, only the numerical value), then enter your state income tax rate in the State Income Tax Rate (%) box.

That’s all the calculator needs.

Though probably nobody really wants to buy 4-week T-bills now given the rates, hope this tool is helpful if you are interested in finding out your taxable equivalent yield :)

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