Wasatch Reopens Two Micro-Cap Funds

Wasatch fundsMicro-cap fund specialist Washtch Advisors today announced that it will temporarily reopen two micro-cap funds, Wasatch International Opportunities Fund (WAIOX)
Wasatch Micro Cap Value Fund (WAMVX), to all investors. Unlike other funds that were recently reopened, these two funds seem never available to individual investors because they were both closed on the day when they were launched (WAIOX in 2005 and WAMVX in 2003), according to the announcement. That’s quite strange.

According to Morningstar, WAIOX has a 3-year annual return of 18.58% and a yield of 4.66%, both quite impressive. However, the fund’s 2.25% expense ratio (ER) is rather formidable. WAMVX‘s ER is also at 2.25% with 13.94% 3-year return.

Both funds require a minimum initial investment of $2,000. However, for automatic investment plan, the initial minimum is reduced to $1,000.

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