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DIY Healthcare Steps to Good Health

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, including when it comes to your money, your health, your comfort and your convenience. It makes good financial and common sense to do your best to stay healthy. Fortunately, there is much in the form of DIY efforts that can help you do just that […]

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Hidden Hogs that Rob You of Space

As we put the holidays behind us and the new year greets us, most of us turn our thoughts to resolutions. And whether it’s a personal desire to do so or the realities of the economic climate that have forced our hands, this means a renewed commitment to contentment for many of us. Fortunately, though, […]

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Have We Been Using the Wrong Cooking Oil?

Yes, it looks like we have been using the “wrong” kind of cooking oil for the past 6 years at least. No, there isn’t really anything wrong with the oil itself that we use to prepare our food. It’s just that it may not be as healthy as I thought and I only found that […]

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Make-Ahead Meals to Save Money

I’ll be the first to admit that eating out is nice. Not only can you savor yummy food, you can sit back and enjoy not doing a thing, including not cleaning up! Problem is, though, that eating out rather than in can leave a real dent in your budget. Let’s face it, eating out is […]

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Great Green Convenient Ways to Clean

Whenever I can help the environment and my bottom line, I consider it a win-win. When I can do both of those as well as make my life easier, well, that’s a hands-down homerun! Thankfully, there’s a plethora of ways to do just that when it comes to keeping the house sparkling clean. Another benefit? […]

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Summer Yard Prep for Pennies

It’s summer and the weather is great! Well, it’s summer where I am and chances are it’ll reach you pretty soon too. And when it does, you may want to create a backyard tropical paradise so you can get away from it all without spending any money of gas or hotel rooms. Well here are […]

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10 Ways to Save Money and Earth

Like many things, Earth Day, April 22nd, carries a lot of political baggage. There are those who celebrate Earth Day because they believe in (and want to stop) climate change, and there are those who eschew Earth Day and all the hippie lore they think it stands for. No matter what side of the political […]

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Financial Impact of Moving from New Jersey to Virginia

Though we have been in our new home in Virginia for only 5 days, I already noticed a few money related impacts the move had on us. The move was mainly because of the relocation of my wife’s job at her employer’s request. But she didn’t get any adjustment of her salary. Of course, in […]

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