Chocolate Milk, the Next Sports Drink?

Apparently, chocolate milk not only tastes good, it can also speed up your recovery from strenuous exercises, at least that the conclusion of a study conducted by some scientists at Indiana University (the study, however, was supported in part by Dairy and Nutrition Council).

According to AP Health news, athletes who drank chocolate milk had long lasting (about 49% to 54%) energy than those who drank carbohydrate drink instead. So what made chocolate milk superior than sports drink, which is a mixture of "water, carbs, proteins, maybe minerals and electrolytes"?

"The same thing. There's no reason it shouldn't be as good for recovery as a carb drink."

Besides, chocolate milk is cheaper as well:

To get 75 grams of carbohydrate, you'd need about 18 ounces of chocolate milk, three scoops of a carb drink or about 17 ounces of a fluid-replacement drink. The milk option would cost around 49 cents, which is about 95 cents less than the carb drink and about 9 cents less than a 17-ounce serving of Gatorade. 

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