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Chocolate Milk, the Next Sports Drink?

Apparently, chocolate milk not only tastes good, it can also speed up your recovery from strenuous exercises, at least that the conclusion of a study conducted by some scientists at Indiana University (the study, however, was supported in part by Dairy and Nutrition Council). According to AP Health news, athletes who drank chocolate milk had […]

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Want to Live to Age 85? You Could if

you are not being overweight having low blood pressure having low blood sugar levels having low levels of bad cholesterol not drinking alcohol excessively not becoming overweight not smoking having a strong grip achieving a high level of education and finally being married according to a 40-year study of nearly 6,000 Japanese-American men living in […]

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Kiplinger’s 2006 Best List

I think I missed a couple of pages of that Kiplinger’s 2006 Best list. Somehow I didn’t turn the page when I saw an author’s name. Anyway, here’s the rest that were missing from the original post: Best Energy Saving Gizmo: Smart Strip Power Stirp Best E-Books: Audible Best Chef’s Knife: Misono UX10 Gyuto Best […]

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