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Money Question: What Would I Do with a $50,000 Windfall?

What would you do if suddenly somebody gives you $50,000 to invest? Have you ever thought about it? I never faced such a question before until last week Lazy Man at Lazy Man and Money brought it to a group of bloggers as the question for the weekly Money Question series (here are Part II, […]

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We Don’t Fight over Money

Golbguru is hosting this weeks Money Question and the question that was asked is like this: How do you (or how would you) handle financial disagreements (and/or disconnects) between you and your spouse (or partner)? My wife and I could fight (actually, it’s more like argue) over many small things, but there was almost no […]

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Where I Put Our Emergency Money

Ben at Money Smart Life is hosting the second edition of What’s Your Money Question? this week (the first edition is right here) and this time the questions asked is Is there such thing as saving too much money in an emergency fund? What’s the best place to keep the money you do save so […]

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More on Money Question

After I posted the Money Question from a reader yesterday, several people have commented with their recommendations. For example: Savvy Steward said: “One option is to either apply it to her mortgage so that she will be debt free sooner, or if she already has the house paid off, invest the money into a facelift/project […]

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Money Question: Where to Put the Money?

Since I started this Diary, I received quite some emails from readers on various issues, mostly related to investing as that’s the main topic here. Whenever I got those questions, I tried my best to answer them. However, I feel that sometimes I don’t know enough to give a comprehensive answer, or my background may […]

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