ING Direct Business Savings Account Reference Code for $25 Bonus

I took advantage of an early bonus offer for ING Direct Business Savings Account last month and got an account for myself plus $50 bonus from the one-time offer :) What I like about the account is not only the decent yield (currently at 1.15% APY) of the Business Savings Account, but also the very basic requirements for the account: No account minimum and no monthly fee, just like ING’s other banking products. Since it’s a pure savings account, it doesn’t have the check writing capability that you find in a business checking account and it doesn’t take check deposit either. And, thus, the only requirement for the account is an existing business checking account at another financial institution. Since I already have a business checking account with PNC Bank and I don’t writing many checks for my business, the requirement isn’t really an issue for me. So I opened the account and got the bonus shortly afterward.

If you also want to have a ING Business Savings Account and can make at least $250 initial deposit, then you can use any of the following referral link to open account and get $25 sign up bonus. That’s 10% instant return. Remember, you have to have a minimum of $250 in order to get the bonus. If you can’t meet the minimum initial deposit requirement, use this link to open an account instead.

  1. ING Direct Business Savings Account $25 Bonus
  2. ING Direct Business Savings Account $25 Bonus
  3. ING Direct Business Savings Account $25 Bonus
  4. ING Direct Business Savings Account $25 Bonus
  5. ING Direct Business Savings Account $25 Bonus

BTW, if you see on the account application page a message in red saying that the referral link has expired, then you won’t be able to use that link to open an account and get the bonus. Simply go to the next link in the above list. I am sure you will find a link that’s still good (the list will be updated regularly).

These links are for ING Business Savings Account. If you are looking for bonus for regular ING Savings Account or Checking Account, use this link. There are plenty of links on that page.

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