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OptionsHouse Account Minimum

I opened an OptionsHouse brokerage account back in June (check out my OptionsHouse review and stock trading experience for details about the broker). The reason for getting yet another brokerage account, I have plenty of accounts already, was that the commission for stock trading charged by OptionsHouse is very low. At $2.95 per trade, OptionsHouse […]

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EverBank Does Business the Old Way

Now that we settled in Virginia, there are still many things for us to do besides getting to know this area. On top of my to-do list is update our address so mail will be delivered to our new home. With so many active accounts I have with banks, credit card issuers, mutual fund companies, […]

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How to Build and Maintain Good Credit Score and Credit History

Nowadays, a lot of things are becoming increasingly difficult to do without a good credit history, while at the same time, those days of easy credit has probably gone forever, thanks to the financial crisis that has put a squeeze from lenders and borrowers alike. Not only will a good credit history help get the […]

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Secured Credit Cards for People with Poor Credit

For people with good credit, they probably won’t have any problem obtaining a regular credit card. However, for many who either don’t have a credit history at all or have a less desirable credit, the only way to build or rebuild credit is getting and using a secured credit card. Since there are occasions, such […]

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Dollar Savings Direct Savings Account Is Still the Best Option

for me at least. I was bothered a lot after seeing yields of my online savings accounts kept dropping like a rock since the new year began. The stock market has been a terrible place to be for investors for nearly one and a half years. Among various investment options, bonds and cash are the […]

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Free Credit Report Isn’t Really Free After All

I bet  you have either watched the Free Credit Report commercial on TV or heard it on radio, not just once, but many times. It’s a nice commercial, but do you really get what is advertised? While it’s true that you can indeed get a free credit report, which is the center piece of this […]

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Visa Black Card: What Do You Get from It?

Did I mention a few days ago that I once had a “black” card? Well, if you read the post, you know that I called the Discover card I owned a while ago a “black” card only because the card was printed with black color. That’s actually the only “feature” that made the card a […]

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