$0.99 One Way Fares at Spirit Airlines Today Only

Spirit Airlines is having what it calls "The Mother of All Spirit Sales" today. For some routes, the air fare can be as low as 99 cents (yes, 99 cents). For example,

  • From Atlanta to Orlando, $0.99 each way, available on 2/10/07, 2/22/07, 2/28/07, 3/3/07
  • From Boston to Detroit, $0.99 each way, available on 1/8/07, 2/27/07, 2/28/07, 3/7/07

just a couple of examples of their on sale items. If you are planing any air travel early next year, check their website to see your origin and destination are in their list of 99 cents fairs. The sales end tonight at 11:50 pm ET.

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3 Responses to “$0.99 One Way Fares at Spirit Airlines Today Only”

  1. Joseph |  Mar 23, 2007 at 1:57 pm


    Given SPIRIT’s propensity to cancel flights in the past week and their incredicle apathy toward disruptiung so many lives, this so called “Spitit” sale feels more like a “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE”. The Detroit terminal is littered with people sitting on the floor because of lack of adequate seating. Some people lying on the floor for 13 hours because of successive cancelations. Very reminiscent of travel experiences in third world countries. SPIRIT if you are going out of business do us a favor and get on with it so as not to disrupt so many family vacations. People work too hard for family time. This brand of dishonesty is outrageous.