2007 Consumer Reports Ultimate Money Guide (I) – Spending & Saving

consumer_reports1.pngI recently obtained a copy of Consumer Reports’ 2007 Ultimate Money Guide. The 50-page report offers many useful tips that cover broad areas of personal finance. As the report claims that each tip is “short, to the point, and designed to help you make the right financial decision.”

The report has 5 chapters:

  1. Spending & Saving
  2. Borrowing & Debt
  3. Investing & Goals
  4. Protecting & Risks
  5. Taxes & Estate Planning

In the following days/weeks, I will summarize each of the five chapters and share with everybody what the experts have to say regarding spending, saving, and investing. It doesn’t mean that I agree or disagree with their advices. The purpose is to provide information (there are always things we don’t know) and, at the same time, let everybody be his/her own judge on whether these tips are helpful or not.

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Seasonal sales

  • January: Air conditioners, computers, exercise equipment, furniture, linens & bedding, new SUVs/pickup trucks, TVs, home-theater systems, winter coats/sweaters
  • February: Electronics, housewares, Valentine’s Day gifts
  • March: Gardening gear, luggage, washers/dryers
  • April: Bridal gowns, exterior paint/stains, fitness equipment, appliance, vacuum cleaners
  • May: Basketball gear, crystal, china, silver, digital cameras, Mother’s Day gifts, spring clothing
  • June: Electronics, Father’s Day gifts, linens, small appliances
  • July: Computers, major appliances, ski gear, summer clothing
  • August: Back-to-school items, furniture, land-line phones, patio furniture
  • September: Baseball gear, interior remodeling materials, pool and patio items
  • October: Boats, crystal, silver and glassware, fishing gears, major appliances, vehicles
  • November: Bedding, bikes, computers, electronics, heaters, toys, winter clothing
  • December: Electronics and appliances, Holiday gift items, soccer, running and football gear

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  1. Xias |  Nov 02, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    Great source of information, I’ll have to keep Consumer Reports in mind in the future!

  2. MoneyNing |  Nov 03, 2007 at 9:11 pm

    Looks like the spammy sites like this article just as much as we do! :) Great!

  3. FinanceIsPersonal.com |  Nov 06, 2007 at 1:46 am

    I’ve been wanting to order Wine online forever now, but thanks to State Law, it’s not allowed. Damn you South Dakota State Government! Oh well…

  4. Coupon Codes |  Dec 09, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    Another great site offering coupons and online coupon codes is Deal Locker. They have over 20,000 coupons for nearly 5000 stores.

  5. KHAGESWARA |  Apr 08, 2008 at 8:29 am