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A Better Way to Invest in 401(k) and Get Better Return?

I got this idea when I was visiting MoneyMonk yesterday and reading his post on saving a little more in 401(K) by contributing 20% for the first three months and 12% for the rest nine months of the year. Since I started to contribute to my 401(k) plan, I always set a fixed percentage point […]

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401(k) Performance: Trader vs Rebalancer

Everybody trades, more or less, and I do too. For me, most of the trades were in brokerage accounts with individual stocks. For mutual fund accounts, there were far more buys than sells. But for 401(k) account, so far there seemed to be only buys, no sells. Actually, the only activities in my 401(k) plan […]

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How Much Company Stocks in 401(k)

My wife has been with her current company for nearly five years and her employer offers a match for the first 6% of her 401(k) contributions. The only catch is the match is given in company stocks in the form a fund. Ever since she joined the company, she maxed out every year and now […]

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Am I Paying Too Much for My 401(k)?

An article in yesterday's USAToday prompted to check the fees I paid for those funds in my 401(k) plan. Unlike mutual funds holding in my taxable accounts, in which I have the flexibility to choose from perhaps hundreds of funds in the same category from as many companies, the number of funds in my 401(k) […]

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Six Ways to Boost Your Savings by Making the Most of New Tax Law

I ususally don’t read very carefully the newsletter Fidelity sends to me as I see it as an advertisement. But an article in today’s E-News got my attention. It’s about how to take advantage of the new tax law passed in August to boost savings. Below is the summary of the article Workplace Roth 401(k) […]

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Year-to-Date 401(k) Return

I usually don’t check my 401(k) account until the time to update the net worth and even at that time, I didn’t look at the return because, first, I simply forgot to check and, second, I won’t make any change before the year end, no matter how good or bad the return is. But tonight, […]

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Hire a Financial Advisor for Your 401(k) Plan?

Confused about what to invest in your 401(k) plan? Maybe a financial advisor can help. I always thought that how to invest in my 401(k) is my sole responsibility. Even when sometimes it seems confusing in making the right combination (not to mention maximizing returns), I never thought about seeking professional assistance. First of all, […]

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