5 Tips to Make Your Home Seem Bigger

Home and Garden Television (HGTV) has a lot of shows that could easily fill the normal viewer with “home envy.” One of these programs is “House Hunters.” “House Hunters” is a show about people who are searching the perfect new home or condo to purchase. One of the major reasons why people seem to want new homes on this show is because they want more space, more room, more square footage—more home. Of course along with “more home” comes more upkeep, more heating and cooling expenses, and more square footage for potential future repairs.


I think in many cases, people could avoid the expense of a new home if they simply learned how to maximize the space in the home they’ve got with these five simple steps.

Step 1. Get rid of some of your stuff. Chances are you are hanging on to some items that you will never, ever use again. Now is the time to go through your attic, garage, closets and junk drawer to start really looking at the items you’ve got stored and determine whether or not to keep them. You can attack just one area every Saturday and start throwing out, selling or donating all the stuff you aren’t going to use. Of course, the real trick here is not to start buying more stuff to replace all the things you get rid of. Remember, you want to have more space not more things.

Step 2. Minimize your furniture. When you buy furniture for your home, try to remember that you are not King Henry the 8th and you do not live in a super-sized palace. Buy small but comfortable pieces of furniture and then work on arranging the furniture in your rooms in such a way that you have better flow and more space.

Step 3. Use paint to make rooms seem larger. Lighter colors often make spaces look larger. If you want to lighten up your rooms but still wish to have some pizzazz, use bright or dark colors to create accent walls.

Step 4. Create a place for everything and put everything in its place. Create designated storage areas for items you don’t use often and then be sure to put everything in its designated space when you are not using it. One example of this is small kitchen appliances. Having your blender, food processor, juicer and coffee maker out on the counter will make your kitchen look small and cluttered. Instead, keep only those items you use daily on the counter and create a place in your cabinets for the small appliances you use less often.

Step 5. Don’t go overboard on storage containers. Storage containers are a great thing but filling your home with organizational drawer sets, boxes, stackables etc. will just make it look cluttered. Try to use the built-in cabinets and drawers in your home as main storage. For everything else, be sure you only store what you plan to use someday or those items with a lot of sentimental value.

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  1. Jamel Rose |  Apr 05, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    A very informative article! Thanks for the tips!

    A bright space always looks big and cheerful while a dim room looks small and glum. That is why putting the right amount of light in your home is essential to make it appear big. Avoid having dark corners in your home but do not make the mistake of overdoing your lighting unless you can stand the glare. What you can do is install a general lighting that is bright enough to lighten up the whole room and then add accent lighting on specific areas that you want to highlight or have a brighter lighting.