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Ohio 529 College Savings Plan CollegeAdvantage $50 Promotion Bonus

If you are considering a 529 college savings account for your child, there is a promotional offer that could get you a good start. Ohio 529 College Savings Plan, rated as one of the best 529 college savings plans by Morningstar multiple times,  is offering a $100 bonus for its popular CollegeAdvantage 529 plan. From […]

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Options For Your 529 Accounts If The Kids Don’t Go To College

Anybody who’s ever opened a 529 college savings account for their child knows that while these accounts tend to be some of the best options around for college saving there’s one little rule about them that tends to hover over your head like a black cloud.  I’m talking about the provision where the money in […]

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Saving Up for a College Education

College can be a big expense for you as the cost of getting a college education keep going up every year. However, if you’ve been working at saving for it all along, things will certainly be much easier to handle, especially when college is still years away. So what can you do if you don’t have […]

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Morningstar 2010 Best 529 College Savings Plans

Investment research firm Morningstar last week released its annal ranking of 529 plans. The 2010 survey covered 52 largest state-based college savings plans currently available. As it did in the past, Morningstar focused its research on key metrics of 529 plans, such as investment choices, performances, tax incentives and, mostly importantly, costs, when evaluating and […]

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Consider Other State’s Plans For Your 529

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who is looking for the best way for the skyrocketing costs of a college education, you’ve no doubt heard of the 529 plan.  529s are the tax-advantaged plans offered up by the government for the express purpose of saving for college.  And every state now offers its […]

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Virginia Education Savings Trust (VEST) Review: Low Cost 529 Plans With Solid Investment Options

When I opened the 529 college savings plan for our first daughter in 2005, the plan offered by New Jersey was never an option to me because there is not tax benefit for using NJ 529 plan even for the state residents. But that wasn’t all. What really made me stay away from NJ college […]

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Saving for College? Consider the Coverdell

The name “529” has become synonymous with college saving since the account was created back in 2001. It’s become so synonymous that many people will likely assume that the 529 is the only account out there geared specifically towards saving for college. Not only is it not the only college savings account out there it […]

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Fidelity Reduces 529 Plan Costs

I am using Fidelity 529 plan to save for our older daughter’s future education. The investing started nearly four years ago and it’s still going every month now. When I read an article on yesterday that Fidelity is reducing costs of its direct-sold 529 plans, I was quite happy to hear the news because, […]

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