Adopt an Adventurous Spirit to Save More

While the old adage “Why fix what isn’t broken?” is often sound and sage advice, it isn’t always the case when it comes to saving money. In fact, adopting a more adventurous spirit (or at the very least, remaining open to trying new things from time to time) can do much more than broaden your horizon. It can help fatten your wallet as well.

Many of us latch on to favorite products and then fail to try new ones. Not wanting to cheat on our tried-and-true brands, week after week and month after month we stock our pantry and medicine cabinets full of the items we know work well for us. But consider, too, just how well reaching for a new brand may work for stretching your dollars. Whether it’s trying out an “off” or store-label brand or venturing to a different, less expensive national brand, a willingness to make a switch (even if for a little while) can bring a bit of immediate breathing room to your budget.

National brands and even local businesses are constantly trying to sway you from your current label loyalty, too, and you’re likely bombarded with them daily. From the back of register receipts to fliers in the mail to inside the pages of your favorite magazine, coupons can be found everywhere and they’re the equivalent of found money for those willing to stray a bit in the name of adventure and savings.

Be open to playing the savings game with your local grocery or retail discount store, too. When businesses are able to purchase larger quantities at a discount, they often pass those savings on to you, the consumer. But if you’re too stuck in your ways to venture towards another brand or label, then you’ll find yourself without a stockpile of savings also. Consider the depth of the potential discount, too, when you’re able to strategically purchase a national brand that’s currently on sale and compound that savings with an additional coupon. The savings truly can be compelling, even for those die-hard fans of other brands.

If you’re anything like me, though, you know that sometimes it really is worth the extra cost when you know the quality is dependable. For quite some time, there were many products that I was hard pressed to stray from. Still are, in fact. I pay a pretty penny for my family’s favorite brand of cheddar cheese. I continue to do so, though, because nothing seems to match its flavor, and as a result we use much less of it anyway. But due to budget demands, I have had to venture off my well-beaten purchasing path. Fortunately, though, I’ve learned that the vast majority of products out there on the shelves have companies willing to stand behind them. From money back guarantees on quality and taste to local stores who will willing trade store-label products for the national brand should you not be completely satisfied, there are safety nets in place to help ensure that an adventurous shopping spirit doesn’t leave our budget worse for the wear. In fact, reaching beyond our normal shelf selection can help ensure healthy competition between brands which will only help continue to keep prices down and our wallets full.

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One Response to “Adopt an Adventurous Spirit to Save More”

  1. Marilynsmiles |  Mar 20, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Another way being adventurous can save you money is through trying public transportation.

    Say you are going to a baseball game downtown. Instead of driving straight to the stadium and pyaing 15 bucks for parking. Try parking near public transport that drops you right in front. Probably save yourself 10 bucks. And have an adventure.