Ameriprise Auto Insurance Paper Works Received

One week after I called Ameriprise for our car and home insurance, the paper works from Ameriprise arrived last night. The estimated premiums and coverage options are exactly the same as what I got a week ago: home insurance one-year premium $207.27 and auto insurance six-month premium $666. However, I am not sure if all the discounts were applied because I wasn’t asked for my Costco membership number during the phone interview.


On the home insurance application form, there is a section for me to provide the membership number and membership level (already entered “Goldstar” but I actually have an Executive membership, don’t know if this will make any difference). But no such information can be found on the auto insurance form. At the bottom of the cover letter, however, it does indicate that the following discounts have been applied to the quote:

  • Anti-lock breaks;
  • Auto/Home
  • Anti-theft device
  • Education level
  • Dual airbage
  • Costco
  • Multi-car
  • Safe driving history

So even without the membership number, the Costco member discount probably is already factored in the quote. For the anti-theft device part, I may get some extra discounts with the window etching we had on our cars. When we bought the van last year, the dealer promised that we could get up to 15% discount on insurance premium with that feature and we did save a little bit with our current insurer Liberty Mutual (though I don’t think it’s 15%). I wasn’t asked for any additional anti-theft device during the phone conversation with Ameriprise last week.

Finally, Ameriprise offers credit card payment option for the premium. That means I can get another 2% back if I pay the bill with my Fidelity 529 MasterCard. With Liberty Mutual, I can only pay with check or through bank transfer, no benefits at all. So far the comparison between Liberty Mutual and Ameriprise has made us lean towards Ameriprise and we pretty much decided to make the switch if nothing happens to change our mind between now and the end of the year.

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